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3 free tools for creating your own 3D models

Sometimes it’s impossible to find just the right 3D content for free, from sites like Google Poly and Sketchfab. Or sometimes you just want to enjoy the feeling of having to create from scratch. In any case, here are our favorite tools for creating your own 3D models. We selected one that fits each level of expertise.

For the beginner:


Tinkercad is a free online tool, created by Autodesk who is a leader in professional 3D modelling software. The platform is easy to use and lets you create and combine different shapes into colorful 3D creations. When you’re done, simply click export as .glb and upload to the Hololink platform, under assets.

For the advanced user:


3D slash is a fun, free, online tool for 3D modeling. Modeling means the process of altering a basic shape, such as a square, into your own creation. Using it feels like being a stone cutter, cutting out a statue. This tool is great if you want to create your own custom shapes. When you’re done, simply click export as .glb and upload to the Hololink platform, under assets.

For the expert (and aspiring experts)


Blender is an amazing piece of open-source software. It’s one of the most advanced 3D content creation tools available, and it’s completely free! No hidden costs, no maximum of exports, completely free. Through the power of open source. The user interface recently had a major upgrade with the new 2.8 version. With blender you can do everything - animating, rigging, texturing, modeling, and much more. On the downside, it’s a bit harder to use, because of all the features. There’s A LOT of great tutorials on blender on YouTube. If you’re a beginner, we recommend getting started with these tutorials from Blender Guru. Remember that Hololink is a web-based platform, so it’s not great for large files. Therefore try to keep the resolution down and maybe go for a more low poly look. For an introduction to low poly modeling, check out this tutorial. When you’re done with your creation, simply click export as .glb and upload to the Hololink platform, under assets.

These are just some of our favorite tools for the creation of 3D content. You can use any tool you prefer, as long as it can export .glb or .gltf files. Other tools include Unity, Maya, Paint 3D and 3ds Max. If you don’t want to create your own 3D content, we recommend you check out Google Poly or Sketchfab. Happy creating!

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