Posted by Alejandra Rojas, Jens Bäckvall
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How AR can power our cultural experiences

Are you creative, curious, adventurous? Do you love engaging with art, exhibitions, and cultural heritage? All of these types of experiences are currently being upgraded, with Augmented Reality (AR) spearheading the transformation. So how are they being enhanced? AR lets you add digital content (3D model, text, video, etc) to the real world which are easily experienced and interacted with through your tablet or phone’s camera. You don’t need a special device, such as a headset. This is the fantastic thing with AR: it not only brings new experiences but actually adds value and depth to existing experiences, contrary to many other technologies that have been used in art, culture and storytelling.

AR is here to enhance historical, artistic and cultural experiences in an enriching and meaningful way. The power of AR is being harnessed to bring the audience closer to the artwork, the artifacts, or the content, letting them explore from precisely the angle and context that makes the experience relevant to them. When looking at the AR content, the audience can interact with 3D models, videos, characters and stories by clicking on or otherwise interacting with it. This way, they can choose from diverse options and co-create stories that stay with them for a long time.

With this kind of interactivity, cultural experiences can add gamification features easily. This means that the audience can be rewarded, win points, or be part of challenges while enjoying the exhibitions. For example, imagine gamifying a historic route through a city by adding hidden treasures or historical figures, giving the user quests, and telling history through these. Also, imagine a live theatre performance broadcast into your living room with you being able to influence the story and view it from multiple perspectives, as if it were happening right in front of you, letting you walk around it.

In France, at the Centre International d’Art Pariétal Montignac Lascaux, AR is being used to give visitors an in-depth experience of cave paintings that are not accessible to the public and in Denmark the critically acclaimed theatre Teater Sort/Hvid has presented a haunting AR theatre performance. These are examples of experiences that improved with AR by combining the real and the digital world. There are plenty of opportunities where a limitless digital layer can be added to the surroundings in the real world’s limited space.

We’ve already created experiences for a museum in Sweden, a YMCA chapter in Scotland and an observatory in Denmark and have many more experiences to come, thanks to our hundreds of partners worldwide.


However, creating high-quality AR art and experiences can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. At Hololink, we have created a cutting-edge AR editor that you can access online to create your own AR experiences in a matter of minutes with no knowledge of coding. And once you’re done, you can publish it on the internet at the click of a button, letting your users access it instantly in the browser on their smartphone.

Augmented Reality is a medium for creating interactive stories together with the users to produce the highest level of engagement. Everyone can create great experiences and reach the next level in communication.

Try it for yourself! You’ll be surprised by the level of playful creativity you can unleash with our powerful tools.

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